Triggers are outcomes that happen as a result of a user interaction with a task.

  • Triggers can be initiated when a task has been completed, when a task is assigned, or when a task becomes due.

  • It is also possible to initiate a trigger when specific tasks or all tasks within a landmark have been completed.

  • A trigger can also be initiated when a user completes a form and makes a specific choice on a specific field.

  • The action that initiates a trigger is called the source of the trigger.

  • Delays can also be added to a source.


Assign Task

  • Assign an additional task or group of tasks within the workflow.

Send Notification

  • Send an email notification to a user role within the workflow.


  • Redirect to a specific site page within your website, or to an external website.

Change Engagement Status

  • Change the status of the workflow.

    • Example: Active, On-hold, Discontinued.

Internal Notification

  • Display a notification within a user’s dashboard above their task list.

    • Example: "Welcome to your dashboard!" along with brief instructions.

CRM Record Type

  • Add or remove CRM Record Types to a user role.


  • Add or remove a CRM Relationship between a primary user role and a specific CRM record of an admin.

Assign to User Group

  • Assign a user to a user group with specific permissions.

Redirect to Checkout

  • Redirect to the default site checkout page.

Create Campaign

  • Create a campaign in Site lanner.

    • Example: Signup Fees, Missionary Fundraising Campaign.


  • Add a user to an existing Mailchimp list.

    • Requires Mailchimp API Key and integration.


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