Site Stacker Release 2.44


  • Refactored Category Summary module with React.
  • Deprecated Category Participants and Campaign Participants modules and moved their functionality into the refactored Category Summary module.
  • Increased image size on the Advocacy View All Campaigns component page.



  • Changed to hide payment method types for secondary payment processors.
  • Changed the "My Recurring" module react theme to show only published campaigns when searching for campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue where gifts added from offline batches would not keep a recurring flag when submitted as part of an offline recurring gift.
  • Added more log information on the PayPal webhooks.
  • Fixed an issue with the offline batch entry where the Associated Offline Recurring dropdown would not reload after changing donor.
  • Added a new setting in the My Recurring module to disable edit/remove for designations in configured Campaign Categories.



  • New "Show on Page Load" setting in the Shopping Cart module.
  • New "Google Backend" setting in the Settings component. This allows adding a separate API key to be used for geocoding addresses that can be configured with IP address restrictions.
  • Fixed an issue with SAML logins where it ended in a 'No State' error due to blocked cookies on Google Chrome.
  • Change all system-generated full domain URLs to https.



  • Fixed an issue where cron jobs expressions would get overwritten to potentially run every minute.



  • Changed Person file zip download to use original file names.
  • Fixed an issue where editing the default person's email individually would not detect duplicates in the system.
  • Fixed an issue with PersonEmail validation.
  • Removed menubar from TinyMce field in CRM Record module.
  • Fixed an issue where saving certain CRM records could result in an error.
  • Changed to defer loading of entities on the CRM Record module in order to improve page load.
  • Fixed Workflow Tab in CRM Record module.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused personal file thumbnails to crash.
  • Fix bug for phone number not being saved in admin due to phone type collision, now the system will choose a multiple phone type if it is available or raise an error if it is not.


Field Types 

  • Fixed an issue with the Color Picker field where lowercase custom colors could not be used properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Person field type value was not cleared upon saving.


Historic Giving

  • Added Recurring Period and Interval fields to historic gifts.
  • Fixed an issue in the Historic Giving Report configuration where the record type filter value was not retained on edit.



  • Add the ability to update CRM Records and Personal Photos via the import tool.
  • Changed to clear cache after import is finished



  • New Dashboard Module for Missionary Dashboards that allows individual users to add their own personal MailChimp credentials and sync their own contacts.


Motion 2.5

  • Fixed tooltip positioning in the Group Progress module.


Payment Processors 

  • Added batch_code to transactions and cron job to fetch payment spring batch reports.
  • Added batch code column to transaction grid.
  • Fixed an issue where Payment Spring check batch codes were not being fetched via cron jobs.
  • Changed Payment Spring webhooks that update payment methods to not trigger the "Method Updated" system message.



  • Changed to no longer create CRM Records for inbound SendGrid webhooks.


Task Queue

  • Fixed a common error that could interrupt the task job in the queue.

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 01:09 PM

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