Site Stacker Release 2.40


  • Fixed an issue with new bundle draft features migration causing a system manager error
  • Added NACHA compliance ACH authorization checkbox site channel settings
  • Changed campaign combo in offline batch edit window to show unpublished toggle based on loaded campaign record
  • Fixed an issue where offline batch summary would not synchronize correctly
  • UI improvements on offline batch entry
  • Fixed an issue where the target amount on the "Edit Transaction" window would sometimes be marked as invalid
  • Extra fixes to allow synchronization of Offline Batch statistics (total count/amount)
  • Fixed an issue where amount validation would fail when editing transactions
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a draft or offline transaction would not synchronize associated offline batch
  • Fixed an issue where importing offline transactions using invalid date would result in blank received dates as '0000-00-00'
  • Added new variables to Donation Confirmation to Campaign Owners system message
  • Fixed an issue where the amount would not synchronize well when editing a temporary offline batch.


  • Fixed an issue where the export action from the CRM Record module would show an Unauthorized page message
  • Implemented ACL for custom entity fields in CrmRecord module
  • Allow the "Mailchimp" tab on the record details module, to be enabled or disabled, the option is under "Mailchimp Tab Settings" and is enabled by default

Historic Giving

  • Fixed an issue in giving metrics module that could crash the page when using Contribution as a data source
  • Changed CRM Historic Giving: Gifts given to also filter by soft credit person

Payment Processors

  • Added webhooks to PaymentSpring processor. These can be set up from the processor configuration and will track ACH transaction failures and payment method updates.
  • Change Cornerstone processor to display timeout error when a transaction lasts more than 30 seconds
  • Fixed an issue in the Payment Spring webhook where card updates would not go through
  • Change to account for Payment Spring Refund Webhook firing before refund record is created in Site Stacker


  • Improve collapsible columns show collapsed columns when the window is expanded, not only when it is reduced.


  • Added recaptcha to login module views that get shown when configured login failed count is reached
  • Change recaptcha on register / recover password pages to use global Recaptcha configuration from the Settings component if the channel setting does not have credentials configured
  • Fixed an issue in initiate password recovery process where it ended with the error: "Sorry. We are unable to initiate the password recovery for this account."

Other small fixes and stability improvements.

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep, 2023 at 9:31 AM

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