Site Stacker Release 2.23


  • New "Campaign Name Description" and "URL Alias Description" settings for advocacy categories in the "Manage Wordings and Misc." window.
  • These settings allow editing the "Campaign Name" and "Url alias" field description text on the customize page.


  • Added option for using fixed amounts for campaign categories for each recurring type
  • By using this feature SiteStacker can be configured like a subscription system. A different price can be set for Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, and recurring.
  • At this time the option is only available at the category level, not at the campaign level, meaning, all campaigns in the category will have the same price.
  • The option can be activated and configured in Admin / Contributions / Categories
  • Use database instead of session for all Contributions cart operations
  • We’ve moved to permanent storage for the cart system. This gives us the possibility to implement some more advanced cart features in the future, such as live statistics for admins, cart abandonment statistics, synchronizing the cart between devices for logged-in users, etc.
  • Add campaign category cart expiration setting
  • Campaigns from certain categories can now be set to expire automatically when added to the cart. They will be automatically removed from the user’s cart after the configured expiration time elapses.
  • The option can be activated and configured in Admin / Contributions / Categories


  • Add verifyCartExpiration cron job
  • This needs to be activated for the cart expiration feature to work


  • Added record type date filter for dashboard grids
  • The new filter allows filtering by a date range or preset of the record type assignment.
  • As an example, it can be used to show all people who had the “Donor” record type applied in the past month.
  • Added ability to remove link on the first column in CRM Grid module
  • Add "View Log" context menu item to Entity tree
  • Opens the “Change Log” window for entities and entity groups
  • Improved wording and interface for CRM configuration
  • The CRM configuration panel was improved for smaller screens
  • Improved geo-coding of addresses saved in CRM


  • Upgraded all occurrences of reCaptcha to version 2 (Version 1 will no longer work after 2018-03-31)

Historic Giving

  • Add the receiver record url setting to the historic giving grid.
  • Changed the historic giving grid to offer more control over links in columns.
  • Any column in the historic giving module can now be configured to link to either the donor or the receiver of the gift.
  • The link can be configured when adding/editing columns in the module’s configuration.


  • New "Ignore site channel" setting for menu items.
  • When this is enabled the menu item's URL will be relative to the site channel where the menu is published.


  • Added saved views to dashboard grid modules
  • The dashboard users now have the option to configure their modules with columns, filters, and sorting options and save them all under a “saved view”.
  • Each user will have their own set of views. These views are currently not shared between users or configurable at the system level.

Motion 2

  • Fix the task page, kickoff module and task sequence module not loading correct form data when using the browser back/forward functions.


  • Sort sites by name in Sites, Content Explorer, and Site Planner


  • Added 'Add To Cart' and 'Remove From Cart' spark events
  • The new events can be used to trigger outcomes when a campaign is added or removed from the cart.
  • It also works together with the new cart expiration feature and the “Remove From Cart” event will trigger when an item expires.
  • As an example, this can be used in a child sponsorship scenario where we want only one sponsor for each child by unpublishing the campaign when added to the cart.
  • Fixed 'Change Workflow Stage' spark outcome unable to change to a live version

System Messages

  • Fixed an issue with the date field being overridden by the global date variable noticed in the resend receipt feature
  • The global “date” and “time” variables were renamed to “messageDate” and “messageTime”


  • Session groups
  • In a scenario where a user belongs to multiple groups, this feature allows only a subset of those groups to be active.
  • It can be used to show different dashboard configurations for the same user.
  • Order groups by name in the admin interface

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 01:27 PM

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