Site Stacker Release 2.51


  • New admin site login screen.
  • Changed default admin background.
  • Changed the desktop icon in admin.


  • Fixed an issue where the USA would always be the default address when using new address fields with a different country.
  • Optimized load speed for transaction / recurring schedule window with many campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue where soft credit fields would not get merged properly during CRM Person Merges.
  • Fixed an issue where using the "give again" feature would not fill in quantity-based campaign dropdowns.



  • Fix issues with email duplicate checks and username changes when updating Person emails.
  • Slightly improve load speed for CRM records admin detail window where there are certain large entity sets involved.
  • Fixed date of birth field type bad formatting error message to match the required format.



  • Added ability to import CRM Entity Configurations.
  • Change to display field with validation issues when importing entities.



  • Fixed sponsor letter download process when downloading multiple letters from the same sponsor to the same child.
  • Fixed letter status change spark event label.
  • Throw an error if the number of uploaded files is greater than the max_file_uploads PHP setting in Upload Letters module.



  • Optimize load speed for several grid modules.


Payment Processors

  • Change logic on PaymentSpring webhooks for offline reversal in case of failure for remitted transactions.
  • Fixed an issue where the amount was sent as a float instead of an integer.
  • Fixed a float rounding issue with the Payment Spring processor.



  • Add "Data Range" Quick Filter. Similar to other available quick filters like "Year/Month" or "Value Filter", there is a new Date Range filter that can be published in Site Planner on the page and will filter the report based on a configured date column identifier.
  • Download Report Module - return a "No records found" instead of an error when trying to download a PDF that doesn't have any records. For example, downloading the Last Year Giving Statement when no donation records exist.

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 08:51 AM

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