Site Stacker Release 2.43


  • Fixed an issue in the activity grid where using the search field would crash.


  • Changed published column values to Yes/No in the campaigns admin grid.


  • Replace error pages with generic image.
  • Add support for PHP 7.4.


  • Allow the "Mailchimp" tab on the record details module, to be enabled or disabled, the option is under "Mailchimp Tab Settings" and is enabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue where CRM Record tabs could disappear on the initial load.
  • Fixed an issue where tabs in the CRM Record module would not filter by a current scoped person.
  • Changed to enforce ACL Security Tags at the admin level for Addresses, Emails, Notes, and Phones.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some datagroup values to not load correctly in the CRM Record module.
  • Allow to show or hide the new "Bulk Edit" option in the grid, which is disabled by default.
  • Allow empty/null value for gender on the dashboard "Create Record" popup.
  • Add _match_by_email column to Group imports.
  • Fixed an issue in the CRM Record module where the "Use Crm Entity" flag would not apply to entity fields.
  • Change the person file download to always use the original file name instead of a label.


  • Added history and more precise time data for monitoring Cron jobs from the admin Cron component.


  • Re-designed Offline Batch entry window and simplified new campaign entry fieldset.
  • Added contextualized import for offline transactions/designations directly in the batch entry/designation entry windows.
  • Changed how batch entry form uses focusing through various keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added person_id fields to import templates for offline batch entries.
  • Changed to keep column state for Offline Batch windows.
  • Fixed an issue in My Recurring module react theme where the recurring end date was not cleared upon saving it empty.
  • Changed the order of default columns in My Recurring module react theme.
  • Added Offline Batch ID and Code to Campaign View grid.
  • Changed colors on buttons on the contribution fieldset.
  • Added "Has Tribute Person" to New Contribution and Failed Contribution spark events.
  • Fixed an issue where refunds synchronized from the PaymentSpring webhook would have inconsistent values.
  • Changed My Recurrings module to enforce fixed recurring amounts in react theme.
  • Added Offline Reference system message variable to contribution receipt system message.
  • Added site channel to various contribution and historic gift spark events.

Data groups

  • Fixed an issue where certain data groups would raise errors in the Grid Module


  • Added Files column to Imports grid.
  • Changed to allow exporting CSV files for import errors.
  • Fixed an issue where Person Relation import that triggers spark events with Person Relation assignments could fail.
  • Fix an issue with a misplaced data map key when importing architect data that caused errors.

Historic Giving

  • Added a new setting on the giving grid that allows filtering by all donors's household members when used in the CRM Record module.
  • Export "Campaign External ID" when editing a historic gift.


  • Changed to sanitize submitted data in email sign-up form.


  • Make sure the grid rows order is preserved in the selection when using the select all checkbox.
  • Change to synchronize Entity/Field alias changes with fields used as filters/columns in the grid module framework.

Motion 2

  • Fixed broken dashboard URL for secondary roles.
  • Fix the Skip button functionality in all task types that support it.
  • Prevent the Group Progress module from rendering multiple instances of the same applicant.


  • Fixed broken Subscriber variables in the Newsletter Sign Up Confirmation To Admin system message.

Payment Processors

  • Changed Payment Spring webhook logic to also fetch error information when a transaction status is changed to failed.
  • Fixed an issue with payment profiles when merging CRM records.
  • Added refund/void support for Auth.NET processor.


  • Expose Tag models in Reports.


  • Suppress SAML-related errors to prevent security breaches.


  • Add new configuration "Exclude tags" to don't include tags in the search fields. This can be useful when the best results don't show up at the beginning of the results.


  • Improve recording activities from SendGrid Inbound when processing requests in batch.

Site Planner

  • Fixed redirects order in the Redirector module edit window.


  • Add support for Gulp-compiled multi-appearance templates.


  • Add the "Force SAML" option for a user record. If enabled, the user will only be allowed to login through SAML instead of using a username and password.
  • Don't allow Record Password when "Force SAML" is on.
  • Add the "Force SAML Login" global setting in Settings to bypass the login screen and jump to the SAML login screen.
  • Add the "Force Saml Login" option in the login module, below the "Show Saml Login" options.

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 09:18 AM

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