Site Stacker Release 2.29


  • Removed “View All Campaigns” button in Active Campaigns module if AdvocacyUserCampaigns page is not published


  • Added new “Architect Edit Item” module

  • The module is used for editing an architect item from the owner or an admin perspective.


  • Added “Batch Date” column to admin contributions campaign view grid

  • Added non-deductible option for contributions and recurring contributions

  • The option is synchronized with Historic Giving, populating the deductible / non-deductible amount data fields.

  • Added recurring start date and recurring end date variables to “Donation Confirmation to Campaign Owners” system message

  • Use custom message for system errors while processing the payment from the checkout page

  • Removed “Manage Contribution” URL in ContributionSummary module if ManageContributions component page is not published

  • Added "Contribution Campaign Status Changed" system message

  • This system message is sent to the campaign owner when the "Is Disabled" setting is enabled or disabled.

  • Hide the Newsletter Subscribe form on the checkout page if user is already subscribed


  • Fixed XSS vulnerability when displaying 400 errors without a "Not Found" site page configured

  • Improve Docker support


  • Added filter for Household Head in dashboard grid modules

  • Increase CRM Group name max field length in admin from 50 to 100

  • Fixed checkbox fields not being selected when editing CRM Entity record


  • Fixed multiselect dropdown list behavior

Historic Giving

  • Added Batch Code and Batch Deposit date fields to Historical Giving

  • Added Batch Code and Deposit Date filters and columns to statement grid

  • Fixed first gift reported in Account Balance module grouping keys

  • Improved visibility of groups and list current groups used in account balance report

  • Improved visibility of custom variable nodes in Account Balance module configuration

  • Fixed an issue on Historic Gift edit with removing the Person / Donor / Soft Credit

Motion 2

  • Fixed an issue in Workflow Data module where the state code was not added to the address field on the printed / exported record

Payment Processors

  • Added support for secondary payment processors

  • Existing payment methods saved with the secondary payment processor and existing recurring associated with a payment method will continue to be processed with the secondary payment processor.

  • The primary payment processor will be used for all new payment method and recurring contributions added to the system.

  • Secondary payment processor can be configured from Admin by checking the “Secondary” checkbox in the Payment Processor edit form.

  • Fixed an issue on edit payment method page showing "Could not load payment wrapper" when adding attempting to add a new EFT payment method with the Payment Spring processor

  • Changed to include security code in iATS card processing for one time gifts and recurring gifts starting on the current date

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect variable names were sent for first and last name in Payment Spring gateway

  • Added Cornerstone (Quarry) payment processor


  • Fixed possible indexing issues for CRM entities with malformed data

Site Planner

  • Fixed an issue with assigned content on folders not allowing drag and drop reordering of items

  • Added the ability to change / add tags in the “Person Content Items” module

  • Speed improvement for rendering front side content


  • Added ability to select a user group to send a message to, instead of just a person, in the "Send Message" outcome

  • Added ability to specify the sender address (From:) when sending a message via Spark

System Messages

  • Added support for text body in system messages

  • Allow each available system message method to specify if body, text_body or both fields should be used. Text body is used for methods that don’t support rich text format, such as text messages.

  • Extend functionality of Send Email popup

  • Accept new parameter which would show success message and close popup after 10 seconds, instead of just closing popup if email was sent successfully


  • Fixed multiselect dropdown list behavior

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 09:42 AM

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