Landmark Right-Click Menu: Edit

The Edit menu allows you to update configuration information on the item you have selected.

Edit Role

Primary Role

Secondary Role

Edit Task

Here you can edit the configurations of a task within a single screen.

Task Type 

  • Here you can choose the type of task you need, but this cannot be edited once the task is saved.

Assigned Role 

  • Here is where you assign who can “do” the task.


  • The name of the task will be shown internally.

Is Optional

  • You can select whether a “skip” button appears on this task.

Auto Assign

  • This will automatically assign the task when the role you have selected for the task is added to the workflow.

Due date

  • Here you can set a specific due date based on task start, or workflow dates (etc.) to display either “due on XYZ date” or “due immediately” on a dashboard tasklist.


  • The title of the task will show externally on the dashboard/web page.


  • This is the description of the task that will show above any of the task actions (upload, forms, etc.) in a dashboard or on a web page.

Completed Redirect

  • You can select a page or URL to redirect to once this task is completed.

Task Buttons

  • Here you can rename and/or hide the submit/upload and cancel buttons on your task.

Note: once a task type is selected, you cannot change or update this. If a different task type is needed, you will need to rebuild the task itself.

Edit Landmark

When editing a landmark you can change the name (internal label), title (external label), duration of the due dates within the landmark, and the description of the landmark.

Edit Trigger

When editing a trigger you have the option to update all the sources, parameters, conditions, and actions in this menu.

Trigger Source

  • Task Assignment
    • This will fire a trigger based on the assignment of the task it is linked to.
  • Task Completed
    • This will fire a trigger based on the completion of the task it is linked to.
  • Task Due
    • This will fire the trigger based on the delay parameters you choose // whether by a specific date field in a form or based on X days from task assignment, etc.

Trigger Conditions are all the conditional logic you require for executing this trigger (e.g. If Married, and no kids > Send Notification).

Trigger actions are all the actions you can perform with a trigger. You can view all these actions in Motion 2.5: Triggers

Modified on Sat, 30 Sep, 2023 at 6:56 PM

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